Trafalgar House


Trafalgar House is one of our earlier projects.  It was designed with simple sustainable living in mind, a single storey family home that is powered by PVs, and uses rainwater to flush toilets and feed the garden, a food forest in the rear garden being the central focus while reducing food miles.  Wheelchair accessibility is made easy through lack of thresholds throughout including ramps the front and rear gardens.  Raised garden beds makes gardneing easy.  The living area/ TV area, being in the belly of an open floor plan, benefits from the pop up clerestorey window to the north. A tiled floor in the living area enables the concrete slab to act as a heat sink in winter.  Good fenestration (double-glazing with Queensland plantation Hoop pine) coupled with strategic positioning for summer breezes, make night purging of the naturally heated slab easy to achieve.  The external is clad with Carter Holt Harvey Eco-ply and Colorbond Steel.


Download info sheet to find out more about Trafalgar House.

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