Custom Design Process

We are always excited to take on a new project, and work to create that perfect design for your brief!  Our design process is a bit different from most, in that we spend a lot of effort in the Design Stage (stage 4 below).  Here we not only work a perfect design for you, and thermally optimise it, but we also to cost it thoroughly, so you can be confident that at the end of the process the construction will fit in your budget. 

Here are the 8 steps you will go through from meeting us, to having all you need for the construction to start...


1) Contact Positive Footprints

We will send out our Design Information and Design Fee Schedule for your consideration, as well as our "What to consider when puting together a design brief" document.

2) Come in for our initial free Consultation

Just call our office and we will make a time for you to come in to discuss your project, explain our process, and answer any questions you might have

3) Sign the Design Contract

Welcome to the Positive Footprints Design team!

4) Design Stage

Concept Design - Using your brief and the lens of Passive Solar Design, our design team will come up with a design they think not only fits the brief, but will also perform well.  We will invite you in to the office to present and explain the design considerations.  We will take you through a 3d computer similation walkthrough of the proposed design, and leave you with some A3 paper plans for you to consider.  Over the next few weeks you can give any feedback on things you would like to change or add and our team will work with you to resolve the initial design to one that you think will be perfect for you, and that we think will perform well.
Cost Appraisal - We perform an in depth cost appraisal at this early stage, so that you know how much your house will cost, and confirm that it is in your budget, for peace of mind, before going forward. 
Initial House Energy Rating - We also do a House Energy Rating Report using the CSIRO developed AccuRate program, at this early stage while the design is still fluid.  This report details how the house is expected to perform over a simulated year, what it's current star rating is, and what could be done to improve the performance further.  It also gives the costs (or savings) of any recommendations, as well as quantifying the thermal benefit of any recommendations, so that, along with the cost appraisal, you can see how your budget lies, and make real choices as to what is worth including and what is not.
Design Completion - We incorporate any inclusions you choose from the House Energy Rating Report, and put them into the final Design.

5) Townplanning (If required)

Townplanning is not always required, dependent on location, build type, area overlays and the relevant Council.  Where required, Positive Footprints will undertake, and work with you and the Council to get the plans through.

6) Working Drawings & Materials Specification

This stage, combines the Design, the Structural Engineering, Townplanning requirements (if any), and chosen materials, into building plans, detailing what goes into the building and how things are to fit together.  Materials are chosen and specified for their aesthetics, durability, environmental integrity & health.

7) Final Quote

This will be the same as the Cost Appraisal, with any changes and associated costs that have occurred since then, clearly detailed, so that you have clarity on how the price has been derived, and what is included.

8) Sign the Build Contract

Welcome to the Positive Footprints Build team!
We will make a date that suits to get to work and start building that dream...


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