At Positive Footprints, we want to make the journey to living sustainably easy.  Therefore we offer:

9 Star pre-designed house plans - where we have taken the hard work out of the process, by culminating our sustainable design and building experiences into a series of very high performing, ready to go house plans.  All we need is to locate them on your land.  This can save several months of design work, allowing us to move quickly to the construction stage.

Custom Design and Build services - where Positive Footprints design and then construct your custom home, so that the project will flow smoothly from the plans into brick and mortar on your land.

Where projects will be built by owner builders, or fall outside the Melbourne Metropolitan Area where we build, we offer Design only services with all documentation required for obtaining a Building Permit.

Consultation only - for those who already have a drawings by others or are looking to improve their existing home, but would like more advice on sustainable design features and materials that they could incoorporate into their plans. 

Education and open house tours - for anyone who would like to find out more about building and living sustainably

Useful resources - where we invite you to read other resources available on the internet, and also read about some of the organisations that are fighting for the environment

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