Carbon Zero Homes / Zero Carbon Homes

All over the world, there's a call to mitigate the effects of climate change. To protect our planet, to switch to renewables, and to minimize our carbon footprints in line with a

 low carbon future. This is why we created the Carbon Zero series.

Energy efficient homes that produce more energy over the year than they use.
Produce enough to cover average electric car use and pre-wire ready for when you get one.
And even produce a little extra so that over time, they pay back the energy that went into the materials from which the houses are made.
This is what is called "True Carbon Zero".

Inspired by songs, four home designs for four compass orientations, are now available.
Our hope is that in the future, such homes will not be special.  They will just be part of Everyday Life.  Just Ordinary MiraclesOnly If we allow ourselves to Imagine, can we achieve a brighter future.

Each home features:

  • The comfort and warmth of all electric 8 star living
  • Healthy, low impact material selection for peace of mind
  • High performance hot water and space conditioning
  • Pre-wiring ready for future car charging
  • 10kW photovoltaic power system with Solar Analytics home monitoring
  • Rainwater tank capture to use the rain that falls on your roof
  • Embodied Energy eTool certification
  • Blower door testing so you know you get what you paid for

Warm,  bright,  beautiful,  ethical,  sustainable living.

And of course, Low Bills...for the life of the house.

Pathway to Carbon Zero Article

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To explore the Carbon Zero range click on the links below.  Don't forget to go through the virtual tour on each project page, to see how the designs look in real life.

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