Young man, a new place you can go


This new youth was a revitalised Californian Bungalow north of Melbourne.  In its former life, it was a double fronted weatherboard with that awkard location of ultilities that separate the living from the backyard & the living areas having no northern access.  With that tricky orientation of north to the street, a sunny courtyard is carved into the belly of the house which allows a new study and living area to have views and sunshine.  With new insulation and double glazed windows installed throughout the structure, the New Youth is now a modern 7.4 star house, that has polished concrete floor, internal brick wall, and clerestory windows into the back living area.   Even the large attic storage has great seal and insulation between it and the living areas below.

Sustainability was core to the brief right from the beginning.  Functionality is greatly improved with added ensuite, a beatiful new bath in the 2nd bathroom, with a enviable laundry come pantry that disappears behind the kitchen and has its own access to the outside.  One of the front bedrooms now a sunny second living space, with access to a sunny landspace front yard.  Solar Panels will sit proudly on its original north facing roof facing the street, letting passer-bys know that this unpresumptious house has more than meets the eye.  

It is a cost effective example of using a renovation to sustainably modernise existing house stock.



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