Sun-Blessed House



This project was an 8.5 star outcome for a fun young family.

When a home is always light and bright, warm and comfortable at all times of the year, with extremely low running costs, you'd called it "blessed".  

From our point of view, we are indeed blessed to have clients who put so much trust in us, and it is very rewarding to see the family thoroughly enjoying their home.

The colourful external show cases the personality of our clients.  The interior is a serene and healthy place for their young family, and the open plan with clerestory windows makes the living area a warm space for entertaining large groups of family and friends.  Front and back yard access from living areas and courtyard, enable the family to enjoy their land block to maximum extent.

Who would have thought that a house with north facing front yard can have so much funk!


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BPN Sustainability Award 2016 for New Dwelling - Finalist 

Photo credits: Dianna Snape

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