Mid-Century Extension

Mid Century architecture is known for its merging of form and function, where both building form and function are significant and relevant in their contribution. Our client came to us to renovate and extend their mid-century home which sits on a raise, and provides a good vista of its neighbourhood, as well as serving as a visual icon.  Our client wishes to provide an example of a sustainable extension with high energy efficient outcome, with an architectural style that befits its mid-century origin.  The original house, though stylish, had disporportionate amount of glazing and sub-optimal orientation.  The renovation upgraded as well as balanced the amount of glazing, re-appointed the entry and merged the original and the new with a distinct roof form.  The new upper storey follows a butterfly roofline which allows 7.0 KW solar panel system to face north, and enhances the original iconic roofline.   Extension of the carport displays the honesty of structural beams, and provide visual interest from the kitchen window.  From the new front door, painted green against the dark painted brickwork also towing mid-century aesthetics, to the Vic Ash Timber Staircase leading the eyet to both ornamental and functional timber balastrading, to the bespoke laundry and hallway, each room including the utility rooms, are designed to capture light and sky where possible.  The internal roofline provides fun and interest to new living spaces.  A simple palette for a functional and elegant home. 

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