Lumpy Stumpy Treehouse

While not one of our usual projects, the Lumpy Stumpy Treehouse, for the Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge 2013, is one we are very proud of.  Our team gave up their time, rolled up their sleeves and gave their skill to produce a really fun cubby, that raised $9000 for this worthy charity.

Prior to the sale, hundreds of children got to explore it, go inside it, climb over it, raise and lower the roof, look out the periscope on the top level, hide from parents, and enjoy themselves playing in the cubby house area at the Melbourne Garden Show.

The charity recognised our innovative design, thus awarding us the Incolink Award - Most Innovative Cubby House Award.

Thanks for the sponsors such as Livos, Bowens timbers and Ikea, for providing many of the materials, and many thanks to the volunteers, Positive Footprints staff, family and friends and Elizabeth Tran (consultant at ES consulting services) who volunteered their time and elbow grease on the project!

 Here's a video showing all the amazing cubbies that year...

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