Japanese Feng Shui House

Completed in 2017, this project is steeped in passive solar design principles with the added benefit of Feng Shui, and elements borrowed from Japanese architecture. Genkan (where you leave the hustle and bustle behind, as well as your shoes), Ofuro (for that deep soak), Shoiji screens for privacy and dividing spaces and a Zen Garden courtyard as the central focus of the house.  From the moment our clients met up with us in our office, Positive Energy flowed from the inception of this project.  Retaining the shopfront on the north on a busy street, we created a courtyard in the centre of the house where tranquillity reigns, and where the rest of the internal space can draw on.   Lightness and brightness is the key to the brief in this 7.7 star house. 

There are many beautiful details worthy of note on this project, particularly the detailed stair capping, the bath and kitchen joinery, the exterior metal cladding.  Our deep thanks to the supportive clients, and all our contractors who worked on this project. 

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