How to Build Sustainably

Building Sustainably is all about making effective use of resources and energy flows available to
the site. A Positive Footprints home is designed to:

  • Use the sun to keep the house warm in the winter, heat the water and produce the power.
  • Utilize breeze paths to channel prevailing winds to cool in summer.
  • Collect the rain that falls, to be used efficiently throughout the house and garden.
  • Harness the mass of the earth on which it sits to maintain stability of temperature.
  • Utilize the land to provide native habitat and human nourishment.


More broadly environmental impact is minimised by:

  • Choosing materials that avoid habitat destruction and limited resources.
  • Selecting materials that are low in embodied energy.
  • Implementing technology that uses electricity and water efficiently.


And lastly, a Sustainable House is one that has a sense of sanctuary,

is light and warm, connects the user to the environment

and is a healthy place in which to live and grow...

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