Collace House



Every house we build is like a friend with a story.   Our clients from 2014 are moving to NSW, and the project which we designed and built the extension of, is recently  available for sale.   These photos are courtesy from our clients and are a real blast from the past for us.   Recalling the project, the brief was to create an oasis in inner Melbourne where the client's family would enjoy and grow.  The clerestory window to the north; white stone benches enveloping brick elements; the multi-function study come guest room; a deep Japanese soaking bath that is pride of place in the central bathroom.   All these came about from understanding the client's lifestyle and the ultimate objective of bringing spaces alive with materials that not only look good, but also perform a function, be it energy efficiency, durability or accessibility.  

The clients are leaving behind a 7.5 star house with reversed brick veneer construction in an excellent insulated envelope for a stable temperature all year round, as well as  and light filled spaces on a beatifully polished concrete floor where seashells and meaningful metal objects are embedded.   It's heart warming to see the same inviting spaces captured in these photos 7 years after hand over, and we wish the clients and future owners of the house well.




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