trafalgar house

Built as an accessible 3 bedroom home with views facing into a secluded north-facing backyard, Trafalgar house succeeds in providing a generous, light filled house on a modest footprint of 140m2.  The house however feels big from the moment you step inside as it opens out in 3 dimension under a popped clerestory windowed roof which fills the middle of the house with light and allows views of passing clouds.

Passive solar design keeps the house warm throughout most of winter, with the hydronics heaters only coming on for short bursts on the coldest days. In summer the prevailing sea-breezes are designed to blow across the lounge and living areas, with a fan and hopper window installed to induce a breeze when there is none.  Tiled, and bamboo floors, coupled with low VOC paints & binders and a ducted vaccuum system make this house an easy to clean, healthy environment.

The front yard is planted with indigenous natives to support local flora and fauna, while the backyard is designed as a human food forrest.  Apricot, peach, lemon, orange and olive trees are planted or espaliered along the fence, leaving room for four raised garden beds where herbs and vegetables grow at an easy-to-maintain height, which not only cuts down on 'food miles', but taste great.  Water supply is by drip irrigation and micro-spray from the rainwater tank which also supplies the house.  There is no traditional lawn to maintain - not even the nature strip - so the owners don't need to even own a lawnmower!

See the write up in G-Magazine Issue 1, "Archetypal Altona".

Download the factsheet to see the list of environmental features.

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