Salute to the Sun

Welcoming sunlight from the street, this design provides solar access as well as privacy.

Clerestorey windows and a private courtyard bring sunlight deep into the living spaces.  The private courtyard can be opened up to become an outdoor "room" and perfect entertaining area.  Two living spaces are created at will whilst maintaining visual connection.  Click here for Environmental Features, and Elevations and Sections amd for virtual tours.

This design offers efficient spaces with great functionality and liveability.  Other 9 star designs are

Sunny Side In; Solar Sollew; Big Little

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n1-3_birds_eye.jpg n1-3_birds_eye.jpg

n1-3_court_small.jpg n1-3_court_small.jpg

n1-3_front_small.jpg n1-3_front_small.jpg

n1-3_inside_small.jpg n1-3_inside_small.jpg

n1-3_kitchen_small.jpg n1-3_kitchen_small.jpg

n1-3_lounge_to_court_small.jpg n1-3_lounge_to_court_small.jpg

n1-3_lounge_to_kitchen_small.jpg n1-3_lounge_to_kitchen_small.jpg

n1-3_rumpus_small.jpg n1-3_rumpus_small.jpg